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Are you confused about 'convolutional neural networks' or fretful about 'feature extractors'?  Does the term 'data wrangling' put you in a dither?

The incorporation of digital pathology into routine pathology, including cytopathology, practice is becoming more widespread and accepted. It is even anticipated that digital pathology will be the next entity to revolutionize cytopathology - in much the same way as immunocytochemistry and molecular techniques did.  

While most cytology personnel will probably not want to know about every technical feature of machine learning or digital pathology, a basic appreciation of the 'how' and 'why' is required.

This course supplements the special issue of Acta Cytologica on Digital and Computational Cytology.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to define 'digital pathology' at a basic level

  • Understand implications of 'digital pathology' in real-world scenarios faced by cytologists

  • Experience bite-sized versions of tasks faced by digital pathologists

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