About this course

Test your knowledge on biosimilars in hematology and oncology with this 10-question quiz based on the content of the Fast Facts publication by Paul Cornes and Ali McBride. Score 75% or higher to receive your certificate of completion.

Access the accompanying Fast Facts: Biosimilars in Hematology and Oncology book for free with your MyKarger account.


Topics tested include:

  • Biologics and the need for biosimilars

  • Why do we need biosimilars?

  • How is the quality of biosimilar medicines assured?

  • Legal issues

  • Switching, interchangeability and extrapolation

  • Safety and pharmacovigilant

  • Global issues

  • Formulary considerations: pharmacy issues

  • Formulary considerations: supportive care biosimilars

  • Formulary considerations: therapeutic anti-cancer biosimilars