About this course

Test your knowledge on multiple myeloma and plasma cell dyscrasias with this 10-question quiz based on the content of the Fast Facts publication by Karthik Ramasamy and Sagar Lonial. Score 75% or higher to receive your certificate of completion.

Access the accompanying Fast Facts: Multiple Myeloma and Plasma Cell Dyscrasias book for free with your MyKarger account.


Topics tested include:

  • Epidemiology and etiology

  • Predisposing conditions associated with MM

  • Pathophysiology of MM and MGUS

  • Diagnosis, staging and monitoring of multiple myeloma

  • Genetics and multiple myeloma

  • Stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma

  • Relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma

  • Bone disease and renal complications

  • AL amyloidosis

  • Rare plasma cell dyscrasias